OnePlus 12,16GB RAM+512GB,Dual-SIM,Unlocked Android Smartphone,Supports 50W Wireless Charging,Latest Mobile Processor,Advanced Hasselblad Camera,5400 mAh battery,2024,Silky Black

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Last updated on 12th July 2024 3:15 am
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  • Comes with 6 months of Google One and 3 months of Youtube Premium with purchase of OnePlus 12. (New accounts only for each service to qualify)
  • Pure Performance: The OnePlus 12 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, with up to 16GB of RAM. The improved processing power & graphics performance is supported by the latest Dual Cryo-velocity VC cooling chamber, which improves thermal efficiency & heat dissipation.
  • Brilliant Display: The OnePlus 12 has a stunning 2k 120Hz Super Fluid Display, with advanced LTPO for a brighter, smoother, and more vibrant viewing experience. With 4500 nits peak brightness, enjoying your content is effortless anywhere.
  • Powered by Trinity Engine: The OnePlus 12’s performance is optimized by the Trinity Engine, which accelerates various softwares to maximize the performance of your device. These include RAM-Vita, CPU-Vita, ROM-Vita, HyperTouch, HyperBoost, and HyperRendering (visit the official product page for more information).
  • Powerful, Versatile Camera: Explore the new 4th Gen Hasselblad Camera System for Mobile, packed with computational photography software and improved sensors. The OnePlus 12 boasts a 50MP primary camera, a 64MP 3x Periscope Lens, and a 48MP Ultra-Wide Camera, all packed together with industry-leading Hasselblad color science.

Specification: OnePlus 12,16GB RAM+512GB,Dual-SIM,Unlocked Android Smartphone,Supports 50W Wireless Charging,Latest Mobile Processor,Advanced Hasselblad Camera,5400 mAh battery,2024,Silky Black

Product Dimensions

6.47 x 2.98 x 0.36 inches

Item Weight

7.8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


Android 14


512 GB

Connectivity technologies




Special features

Dual SIM, Wireless Charging

Other display features


Human Interface Input


Scanner Resolution

1440 x 3200

Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor



Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

Handset,Charger,USB data cable,SIM ejector tool,Quick Guide,Safety Guide,Membership card,Brand sticker,Welcome Letter,Dongle.



Country of Origin


Date First Available

January 23, 2024

Memory Storage Capacity

16 GB

Standing screen display size

6.82 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

16 GB

Battery Capacity



220 Grams

Charging Time

30 minutes

10 reviews for OnePlus 12,16GB RAM+512GB,Dual-SIM,Unlocked Android Smartphone,Supports 50W Wireless Charging,Latest Mobile Processor,Advanced Hasselblad Camera,5400 mAh battery,2024,Silky Black

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  1. Yubal

    Es la versión de 16gb de RAM y 512GB de almacenamiento, llegó un día antes de lo programado y muy bien empacando, la caja trae el teléfono cargador alambrico y carga de 0 a 100% en más o menos 50 minutos vale mucho la pena, estoy feliz

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  2. Dustin Lane

    I had the oneplus 11 before this and switched to the pixel 8 pro thinking it would be a better phone… suffice it to say I was wrong. Now I have the OnePlus 12 and if they keep this level of quality up I will never switch to another brand again.
    Compared to the OnePlus 11:
    Better cameras
    Faster CPU
    Brighter display
    Charges a bit faster
    Build feels more premium

    Compared to the Pixel 8 Pro:
    CPU is not even in the same realm. OnePlus doesn’t get hot unless you’re really pushing it for long periods and has so much more raw horsepower.
    Similar level of premium build quality, but feels more comfortable in the hand due to curved edges.
    Wayyyyyy faster charging. This makes a huge difference for me because I use my phone heavily all day for both work and personal use. Just being able to boost the charge to 50% quickly is a game changer. Pixel takes 1.5h to fully charge most of the time even with good chargers.
    Camera quality is roughly the same. I compared telephoto photos at 6x to pixel’s 5x and detail was very very close. As a photographer I prefer the more natural look you get from OnePlus.
    Price… this one is obvious. OnePlus definitely wins here.
    Software is good on the OnePlus. Better than it’s ever been actually. Pixel has a couple of benefits here thanks to AI but I personally never used them so I can’t really compare. OnePlus 12 animations feel more fluid and pleasing though.

    I’ll update this if I run into any issues. So far the software has been roughly as stable as Pixel itself so no complains there and I hope the phone continues to work as well for me as it does now.

    I strongly recommend this to anyone except for those who require an S-Pen or just have extra money to spend for no reason.

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  3. Jake C

    Always owned Samsung or Google phones. Most recent were a note 20 ultra, then the pixel 6 pro. The note 20 ultra was great, but was showing it’s age. Upgraded to a pixel 6 pro. Gorgeous camera, absolutely horrible phone in every other way. Battery life was awful, connection issues, and overheating issues with all three pixel 6 pro phones I went through under warranty.

    The OP12 is leagues above it’s price point. The fast charging is game changing, and the battery life is fantastic. Camera isn’t fantastic, but it’s still good. Not waterproof, but splash proof. For the price it absolutely destroys every phone in it’s price range. AI photo editor is garbage, but hoping it improves.

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  4. JoseL

    This brand is one of the best imo, the phone itself is very powerful, has a good camera, battery lasts enough for daily needs, OS is well designed. Only complain so far is the screen cast option is not working at all, hope the company will fix it in a future update.

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  5. Dev Rich

    The media could not be loaded.

     Coming from the LG V60 that came out 4 years ago..which is still a beast of a phone to this day. Just wanted something new after so long, and even back then I was looking at OnePlus 🙂 Anyways, the OP12 looks so much better in person, and it feels amazing. The phone itself moves so smoothly with it’s 120hz refresh rate display, volume is really good and cameras are also very good, not the best, but they are flagship worthy.

    Now, the battery…battery life is amazing. Out the box I got it at around 61% and with all the setting up and what not, it ran a bit hot and with all that i was doing, took the battery down to about 23 after I was finished. Charged it back up with the actual charger it comes with, and in about 10-15mins, it was back up to 65% and I unplugged it, been on it most of the night and morning so far. Usually a phone should be dead or pretty close to it, still at 32%. Which, can be charged up to 100% in about 20mins.

    Any thing major that i don’t like, I will update in the future. Pretty beastly phone so far!

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  6. El producto llegó un día después de lo prometido y solo lo echaron por debajo de la puerta, aún cuando me encontraba en el domicilio. La carcasa es buena, quedó perfecta al teléfono.

    El teléfono llegó antes de lo prometido. Todo fue fácil de trasladar del teléfono viejo al nuevo, la pila me dura 2 días y carga rápido, sin problema hasta hoy.

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  7. José Ignacio

    Un teléfono muy fluido y con muy buenas especificaciones, para mí una excelente compra, el teléfono llegó sin daños y funciona al ????!!!

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  8. Vlad

    El teléfono me gusta mucho. De hecho, lo compre como actualización del One Plus 11 que, esencialmente, es idéntico y también me gusta mucho, pero no tiene carga inalámbrica, mientras que el 12 sí.

    El acabado es muy bonito ¡Pero es como tratar de agarrar una barra de jabón mojada! Super resbaloso. Usarlo sin funda es pedir a gritos que se te caiga de las manos. Desafortunadamente, para la carga inalámbrica, necesito quitarle la funda.

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  9. Ricardo Daniel Bilbao Melendez

    Tenía bajas expectativas acerca de este Smartphone pero he de decir que cumple con todo lo que puede ofrecer un gama alta. También he de aceptar que la pantalla es un acierto así como la cámara. Lo recomiendo mucho si estás buscando un android en lo más cerca del puro y un gama alta.

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  10. Quincy

    Disclaimer: I use this phone mainly to talk, text and peruse social media. I don’t do too many live videos or take a ton of photos.

    This phone does a great job in everything although it’s really not a master in anything outside of battery life and charging options. I get a full day out of this phone easily. Usually around the 1 day, 3 to 5 hour mark before I charge each day. I usually charge when the phone gets between 20-25%. I can leave my house at 35% or even go to bed at 15% and never worry about running out of juice. And even if I’m low on juice, I can charge this phone from 20-100% in about 25 minutes. I am amazed at how I can put this phone on the charger and in just a matter of 5 minutes I’ve gained about 20% of power. Even when using a USB charger, it’s still pretty fast. Wireless charging is about average. That is the phone’s biggest strength.

    As far as talking goes, it has a good quality sound. Coming from a Samsung 20 FE (Verizon service), I found myself missing a call now and then (goes straight to voicemail) or drops in audio when I took calls at home. I’ve yet to have a problem with the OnePlus, so I’m guessing the internal anntenna is better because I’m still with Verizon.

    There are a lot of audio playback options available (Dolby Atmos, Spatial, etc.) and I haven’t tried them all out yet, but the speakerphone sounds loud and crisp. However, when I connect to a Bluetooth speaker or in my car’s audio system, the volume tends to be lower. I have to really crank up the volume in my car or max out my Bluetooth speaker to hear clearly. However, maybe there’s an option I’m missing in the settings that would help me.

    And there are a ton of options in the settings! It can be overwhelming to someone who isn’t tech-saavy, but it’s not as bad as it looks. Most of the settings are basic on the surface, but if you go into the sub-menus then it will get more advanced. But you can control things to enhance the already superior battery life to changing your refresh rate for smoother scrolling. Just about everything else is typical Android stuff, but OnePlus has some nice features of its own with the Floating Window and One-Hand Scrolling.

    The phone needs a case. It’s not easy to this phone even with both hands. I wouldn’t advise anyone try it unless they have pretty big hands. It will probably drop as you are texting. But that’s not a deal-breaker because cases are inexpensive.

    The media on this phone is smooth. It looks really good and there are options to tweak it even more. Someone who is an avid TikTok or IG fan will be at home with this phone. The camera takes amazing photos. Unfortuantely, I haven’t been on vacation yet to give it a real try, but what I’ve taken so far are very nice. Definitely a little clearer and more realistic than my Samsung 20 FE. Recording video is pretty impressive, too, but I’ve yet to do a live or video call.

    Anyone who pays almost double for an iPhone or Samsung is really just seeking the brand. Yes, those phones may have a few more bells and whistles with A.I. and they may have slightly (arguably) better cameras. But if those phones are a 10 on a scale of 1-10 then the OnePlus is a 9. And it is much, much more inexpensive to the point that you could probably get two of these for the price of an iPhone or Galaxy 24.

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    OnePlus 12,16GB RAM+512GB,Dual-SIM,Unlocked Android Smartphone,Supports 50W Wireless Charging,Latest Mobile Processor,Advanced Hasselblad Camera,5400 mAh battery,2024,Silky Black
    OnePlus 12,16GB RAM+512GB,Dual-SIM,Unlocked Android Smartphone,Supports 50W Wireless Charging,Latest Mobile Processor,Advanced Hasselblad Camera,5400 mAh battery,2024,Silky Black


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