Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Black – Unlocked (Renewed)

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Last updated on 12th June 2024 12:07 pm
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Specification: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Black – Unlocked (Renewed)

Product Dimensions

6.7 x 3.4 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight

8 ounces

Item model number

Galaxy S21 Ultra


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Android 11.0


12 GB

Wireless communication technologies

Cellular, Wi-Fi

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC



Special features

Reverse Wireless Charging

Other display features


Human Interface Input


Scanner Resolution

1440 x 3200

Other camera features


Form Factor



Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

Adapter, USB Cable


Samsung Electronics

Date First Available

June 7, 2021

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.8 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

12 GB

Battery Capacity

5000 Milliamp Hours


8 ounces

5 reviews for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Black – Unlocked (Renewed)

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Michael B.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Al principio dude pues nunca había comprado algo reacondicionado pero me terminé animando y fue una excelente decisión.
    El celular es prácticamente nuevo, funciona al 100%, la cámara es increíble, super profesional, un celular bastante rápido y de super lujo.
    Venia con pocos detalles estéticos en los bordes, pequeños puntitos sin pintura que realmente no se notan nada, de ahí en fuera el celular venia en excelentes condiciones.
    5 estrellas definitivamente ???????? me hice de un celular de lujo por un precio super bajo para la gama alta que es. Lo recomiendo mucho.

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  2. grems

    So far this phone performs great. It is fast and very responsive. 16GB of RAM! I could open a lot of apps in the background and it is still running without sluggish. It is new and never been used (I think) since the imei is still good and not being registered. This phone with 512GB storage is sold out pretty much everywhere and you cannot even get them from Samsung website. Don’t buy 128GB. It is useless since the storage is so small. Add $50 and you could get 256GB. However, I recommend 512GB.

    What is great is the camera. It works a lot better than S20 Ultra 512GB. That one was a let down and I returned it. I stuck with S8 Plus for 4 years but I love that phone. The autofocus and nightime mode improved significantly at least for me. The S20 Ultra autofocus is horrible. It seems the multitasking works a lot better to. App can easily works as popup instead of of multiple presses in s8 plus. Speaker sounds is a bit louder and has more bass sound. Wi-Fi 6 and 5G are definitely the best features. With 5G, I am no longer having blackout in certain area around my house area. When there is no 4G LTE, 5G will take over and when there is no 5G, 4G LTE is taking over. In the past, I only have 4G LTE and 3/2G. You have three different customization on how to switch to different apps (multitasking). I haven’t really go out and use the camera yet although it is the main reason why I am buying this phone. Another plus side is this is a t-mobile version.

    The only downside is no micro sdcard, 100X space zoom (a feature JOKE from Samsung Marketing department), 3 buttons instead of 4 and finger print from the front display. For finger print, I love the rear touch since it is more convenient to use with one hand. Finger print is a bit troublesome to detect unlike the old one. (Update: You have to press a bit harder on the display to get your fingerprint detected. So far it is working better than I first initialed test). I am hoping Samsung will bring the sd card back in the future. Seriously 108MB, 8k (never use this feature ever), 4k size of photos and videos and you do not provide sd card? Even my Sony A7RIII works great with micro sd card in sd card adapter. There is no excuse of not giving customer sd card option. The excuse of sd card is slowing down phone performance is an old myth provided by none techies or those people who never used sd card. Not sure why the hate on sd card. If you don’t want to don’t use it. Recently so many big companies either getting hacked, attacked with ramsomware or services shutting down cloud drives becoming a joke. Samsung shutting down their own cloud for photos/videos services and Google their unlimited photos. With all the security issues and possible shutdown, it is not a safe approach for storing your photos/videos for backup.

    To work around it, you can use
    – USB OTG C to female USB A/C port for USB flash drives
    – USB OTG sd card hub/ports with sd card readers and USB A/C ports.
    – 4/5 TB hdd drives are still having reasonable pricing with only small increased in pricing. I am lucky to keep up with the news to buy 8TB to 16TB drives before scalpers took over the market. S21 ultra has the ability to read exFat/fat32 by default and ntfs for small usb flash drives. For large drives like 2/4/5 TB or larger in NTFS format you need other special software to read the NTFS. NTFS format has better storage efficient and security than exFAT and fat32. I am using paragon software to read the ntfs ($9.99) and total commander. For the usb hub station I am using, without a pd power delivery I could not read/write to ntfs hdd drives. I haven’t try it on smaller OTG (USB 2.0/3.0) to see if it is working on hdd drives. Will update on that later.
    – Buy UHS-II readers to get faster reading/writing speed even if you are not using UHS-II sd cards.

    Buy one of the USB 3.1 gen 2 cable or gen 2×2 USB C to USB C to reap the 10/20 Gbps (theoretical) speed. I will update more once in the future especially the camera part.

    I bought a hub station with 5 USB ports (2 x 2.0, 2 x 3.0, 1 x C 3.0) 2 x hdmi, 1 x dp port, ethernet, USB c powered port (100w), UHS II regular sd and micro card reader. This thing has one usb c cable attached which you can connect to your phone. This thing is simply awesome. It is better than my old Samsung Dex which doesn’t come with extra USB ports , extra display ports and sd card readers. With 100w to power this hub station, I can connect to several usb devices without the worry of connection loss issue. Since I am doing a lot of reading I don’t have to use my desktops or laptops. I probably will buy a small battery powered monitor to turn this thing into a “laptop”.

    Using my hub station, my wireless speed is
    ~478.82 to ~480 Mbps Download from Ookla. Upload is not provided but I assume it is above ~22 Mbps
    ~380 to ~438 Mbps Download from Google. Upload is ~23 Mbps
    However, this is my router and ISP dependable and not the phone. I should have test the phone using the 5g speed on clear and country side. Will update later on that.

    Next month or so I am going to use a lot of the photography so I could evaluate the camera performance. I know that from few shots, the default auto camera is a lot better than S20 Ultra (which I used only for few days). The autofocus is fast and photo taken is not blurry. The HDR processing makes the photo looks better too. I could see the clouds contour enhancement and colors look a lot better too. What I wanted to know now is the nightime shooting. I did take few snapshot in a darkroom and so far it seems to run perform better than S20 Ultra (which takes 5 to 10 seconds) or something not even getting anything during the autofocus.

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  3. Michael

    If you are on the fence about buying a used phone because you are afraid it may come with damage, screen and all sort of issues than worry no more MOBILESUPPLY has amazing devices that are very nice. My device looks basically new, some may have small marks here and there but my devices look amazing. Mark really helped me with my order, the customer service here at MOBILESUPPLY is next to none! their customer service is better than some big chain brands. I want to really thank Mark! Im starting to miss him, such an amazing guy. When my device had a issue Mark on behalf of MOBILESUPPLY worked with me to replace my device and made sure it was inspected to my desires. He was such a kind, nice sweet person and most of all Mark is very professional and unlike other sellers and big brands he CARES about us CUSTOMERS. Thank you MARK for everything I will be telling everyone I know to buy phones from you all.

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  4. grems

    Had this phone for a week now and wanted to wait on reviewing. Great solid phone from Samsung (as always). This is my 4th galaxy phone from over the years and I keep returning. The refurb seems to be fine, it was listed in excellent condition by seller (Stalion Requip) and seems to be as described (a few very small nicks along phones sides). I appreciate the honest description and fast delivery as I was apprehensive purchasing a refurb. The phone is spectacular in all areas, battery life, fast fingerprint reader, camera(s), snappy performance, fast charging and so on. I will probably not use the phone to nowhere near its capabilities but wanted the premium features just noted. I do not think I would have paid the original price (approx $1,200.00) just 3 years ago at launch but this is definitely more affordable. Thank you Samsung, Amazon and Stalion Requip. Ned D.

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  5. Ned D.

    I was very apprehensive about buying a refurbished phone but after reading so many 5 star reviews i pulled the trigger. The first one i got looked brand new cosmetically but any time i would go to charge it it said there was “Water in the charging port” and wouldn’t let me charge the phone (there was no water anywhere near the phone, let alone in the charging port). That kept happening until i returned it for another one. This one (got it in March of 2023) looked great too cosmetically but functionality is the big issue. First it wouldn’t give me any notifications of emails – I went through all the prompts and settings, changed everything I could…still no notifications of emails. The only time it will notify me is if I actually open up Gmail – then it will pop up saying you have x amount of unread messages but if I’m already opening the program it’s completely useless! Then I started having people tell me “I was calling you but it went straight to voicemail” I thought it was odd but maybe it was service related. I went to my wireless provider and they said there is nothing wrong with the service it’s probably the device. My wife has the same exact service with a different phone and has service throughout the house. Now not only can i not make or receive calls in my house I can’t send text messages! The phone will say I have full service (5 bars) plus I’m connected to Wifi 6 with a 1 gig fiber connection. When I go to send a message it will just keep spinning and spinning until the message times out after a long time. The only way I’ve figured out how to trick the phone into sending messages is send the message, turn the phone on airplane mode and then switch airplane mode off again and the message will send. To add insult to injury last month I noticed a small artifact on the screen that does not go away. I’ve had this phone for less than a year and I have a permanent line on the screen that shows even when it’s on the charging screen. I purchased this from the seller “TheGadgetDeals” because they had 100% positive reviews – not sure how that’s possible if these are the kind of phones they are selling. So with no email notifications, no ability to make or receive calls or send text messages in my house (and a lot of times other places) I effectively have a $450 paper weight masquerading as a phone. If you’re ok with spending nearly $500 on a phone that will be essentially unusable within 7 months of purchasing I say go for it, otherwise I’d look elsewhere!


    PS. After owning the phone for a month or so i purchased another one for my wife (also from TheGadgetDeals) her phone came in excellent cosmetic condition but every time she would make or receive a call the person on the other end would hear an echo of everything they said so that phone had to returned

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    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Black – Unlocked (Renewed)
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Black – Unlocked (Renewed)


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