HTC One M7, Black 32GB (Sprint)

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  • Display: 4.7-inches
  • Camera: HTC UltraPixel
  • Processor Speed: 1.7 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Specification: HTC One M7, Black 32GB (Sprint)

Product Dimensions

2.7 x 0.37 x 5.4 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces

Item model number

One M7


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





32 GB

Connectivity technologies




Special features

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), Wireless Emergency Alerts, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), smartphone, 4G LTE, camera

Display Resolution

Other display features


Human Interface Input


Other camera features

2 MP

Form Factor



Phone Talk Time

1140 minutes

Phone Standby Time with data

456 hours

Whats in the box

Video Recorder, Camera



Date First Available

May 11, 2013

Memory Storage Capacity

32 GB

Standing screen display size

4.7 Inches


5 Ounces

3 reviews for HTC One M7, Black 32GB (Sprint)

3.7 out of 5
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  1. Finn

    This is my first smart phone and I’ve had it now going on 4 months. My previous mobile experience is with an iPad II – which I’ve had for a couple years and did not choose an iPhone as my first smartphone – that should say something. I love the HTC One and do NOT regret my decision at all. I should also state that I’m not a POWER smart-phone user, but I did my research on this and other phones for months before making up my mind. This phone has a large, bright screen, is powerful and has lots of customizations that I can setup to my liking. I love the powerful, dual stereo speakers that are FRONT facing – they sound great when watching videos or listening to music. I REALLY love that I don’t have to have iTunes on my laptop to move pictures and music around between various devices. What a pain that is with the iPad!! I rarely use the BlinkFeed screen so have set my home screen to another tab – but it seems to be easy to use. But I text several hundred a month and the virtual keyboard is very intelligent – more so than the iPad. The apps that I have downloaded work fine. I read a few emails, and other online publications just fine. The battery life for me is better than expected. It connects to my home wifi quickly whenever in range and stays connected. As far as battery life, I sometimes 4 days when I just use the phone for a phone and text and a few other apps. Most of the time I get 3 days tho. I also charge it when the battery drops to about 20%. Charging time is relatively quick.

    This phone will definitely do more than I need, but for $0.01 with a 2-yr subscription with Sprint, I am happy. I have had no usability issues – no call drops – no unplanned reboots. And the apps available on the Google store are more than enough. I would say the Apple App Store is easier to use by a little bit, than the Google store, but no big deal. The camera is also easy to use and takes excellent pics as far as I need.

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  2. Kevin

    I will never buy an HTC product the rest of my life.. I put together all the pros and cons in real-time as the pros and cons presented themselves (all repeatedly)

    – Great Stock Camera & Camera App
    – Beautiful Screen
    – Headphone Jack strong/robust
    – Looks Awesome
    – Stock Grouping method in the apps draw
    – Loud Speaker

    Cons (might want to sit down for this):
    – Home & Back buttons too close to screen; constantly pressing them when trying to press on-screen items at the bottom.
    – Puts “i” in got(git) and in for(fir) whenever trying to swype the words. W…T…F!
    – Speaker can only be set to loud. At low volume it is still really loud.
    – Loud speaker broke in a month with low intensity use.
    – Wallpaper doesn’t scroll
    – Cannot remove RS Feed widget
    – App drawer paging is terrible, i prefer app drawers that scroll
    – No file manager app
    – Really slick in my hand, slips a lot.
    – Data doesn’t work when making a phone call
    – Different frequency band than Sprint
    – No toggle for LTE
    – Have to dial *#*#3646#*#* to get to the interface to make sure the phone is using proper frequencies and data for provider.

    And SPRINT’s LTE service is T E R R I B L E ! Their 4g was pretty good, thought it had its problems. Now LTE, I don’t have it in areas where I had 4g. And the 3g is SUPER SLOW!

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  3. joshua schwartz

    I’ve been an HTC fan for a while now. My first smartphone was the EVO, then I upgraded to the EVO 4G LTE, and now to the One. That’s not to say that it is a given that I will go with HTC, they just keep winning my business when it’s upgrade time and I’m comparing phones leading the market at the time. I’ve had my eye on the One since it came out a year ago and finally got my hands on it 🙂


    1) The design is sweet and feels rock solid compared to the plastic bodied models I’ve used, including my wife’s S4. The only other phone that has the same feeling of solidity is an iPhone. The screen is sharp, colors and contrast are great. I have always preferred the LCD’s to the AMOLED’s, I just think the AMOLED screens (like the one on the S4) are too color-saturated.

    2) The dual front speakers really do sound amazing. I listen to a lot of music through my phone and the clarity is phenomenal. People have said they thought it wasn’t as loud as they’d like, but I don’t feel that way. Also, if you turn off the Beats audio the speakers are louder.

    3) Sense UI is still hands-down the best Android flavor IMHO. Stock Android feels too sparse for me, Samsung’s offering is cluttered and unintuitive, but Sense is always stylish, clean, and easy to use.

    4) I love Blinkfeed. I use it all the time, and as of the Sense 5.5 update it got even more customizable and it can now be removed if you don’t want it on your home screen.

    5) Processor is snappy, no surprise there. Battery life easily gets me through the day unless I spend hours playing games (which has been known to happen).

    6) Camera is sharp, and handles low-light better than any phone I’ve used. I know people can quibble about which phone has the best camera, but while I was frustrated with the quality of the cameras on my EVOs, I’m finally happy with the image quality I’m getting with the One. I would put it on similar footing with the S4. Video is sharp too, and filming my dog and baby in slo-mo is entertaining 🙂

    7) I got the 32 GB version so plenty of HD space. Personally I don’t like to leave app clutter on my phone, I uninstall apps once I’m done with them, so 16 GB wasn’t bad previously but it’s nice to have some extra breathing room.


    1) Not really a con, but I prefer to turn off the Beats audio when I’m not listening to music. I think the extra clarity makes calls sound odd, almost metallic.

    2) The placement and height of the power and volume buttons took me a couple of weeks to get used to. The buttons being flush with the body made it sort of aggravating to try to use the phone one-handed, but now that I’m used to it I don’t even think about it.


    This is a phenomenal phone! I love it and after a year of anticipation and researching other phones I am very happy that I bought it (and you can’t beat the $0.01 deal they have on here). The One is solid, has great software, more hardware than my last laptop, and emphasizes the things that are important to me (reasonable camera quality, sound quality, processing speed, battery life, ease-of-use). My temporary frustration with the button placement is not nearly enough to make me knock a star off of what I consider to be a near-perfect offering from HTC. Enjoy!

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    HTC One M7, Black 32GB (Sprint)
    HTC One M7, Black 32GB (Sprint)


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