HTC U12+ Factory Unlocked Phone – 6″ Screen – 64GB – Translucent Blue (U.S. Warranty)

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  • Cutting edge design – incredible 6.0” Quad HD display with 18: 9 Aspect ratio
  • Edge sense 2 – squeeze the sides of the phone or now you can even double tap or hold to interact with some of your favorite Features
  • Highest rated Dual front and back cameras – dxo Mark Score of 103: Dual 16 and 12 MP rear-facing cameras and 2 – 8 MP front-facing cameras delivering beautiful bokeh effect images
  • Best ever audio – HTC Boom Sound hi-fi Edition speaker system paired with the included HTC sonic earbuds with active noise cancellation
  • Unrivalled power and performance – flagship-level specs in every way including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform
  • Verizon functionality will require a new Verizon sim card and a customer account plan that supports HD Voice/Voice over LTE

Specification: HTC U12+ Factory Unlocked Phone – 6″ Screen – 64GB – Translucent Blue (U.S. Warranty)

Product Dimensions

6.17 x 2.91 x 0.34 inches

Item Weight

6.6 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Android 9.0

Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies


Display Resolution

Other display features


Other camera features


Form Factor



Whats in the box



HTC America

Country of Origin


Date First Available

May 23, 2018

Memory Storage Capacity

64 GB

Standing screen display size

6 Inches


6.56 ounces

4 reviews for HTC U12+ Factory Unlocked Phone – 6″ Screen – 64GB – Translucent Blue (U.S. Warranty)

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  1. Paul G. Campbell

    I was looking for something that was high performance, but did not have a notch or a hole in the screen. I loved my U11, but my wife wanted it, and she suggested I upgrade to the U12 Plus and give HER my beloved U11. Fortunately, the U12 turned out to be a real beast, and the haptic buttons have become a feature I like. The camera can go toe-to-toe with the Google Pixel in everything but Night Sight, but it also has the telephoto camera which makes a big difference for someone who admires architecture. The primary camera is wide angle, but not super wide.

    The screen is more beautiful than an LCD has a right to be, and is just as vibrant as the Note 8 I use at work. For some reason, my eyes do not get as tired with this phone, and a friend and I watched an entire movie on it because it looked so good and the sound was so immersive. No distracting hole or notch either. It sounded better than my 4 inch stereo speakers on my desktop computer, and we could still see when we were done 😉

    Headphone audio with the included earbuds is mindblowing. I don’t take that statement lightly, as I’m a professional studio recording engineer with 20+ years experience. I first experienced HTC’s USonic audio on the U11, and it took two weeks just to wrap my brain around the spatial imaging, openness, clarity, and bass extension. The noise cancellation works well at reducing engine noise and hum, and these things actually scan your ears to optimize the sound. I know first had what it sounds like to stand in a commercial studio control room during a live mixdown session, hearing the music in its original form, and HTC USonic is the only technology that comes close to that experience.

    Performance wise, it handles everything with ease, including heavy gaming. Matter of fact, it runs the game ARK: Survival Evolution fine, while the new Galaxy S10 struggles with it. Battery life is something that is not great out of the box, and that is because the U12 learns your usage patterns and optimizes battery usage accordingly. Give it two weeks to learn, and the battery life will be better than phones which are said to have very good battery life. When you do need to charge, it has Quick Charge 3.0 in the box, and the phone is equipped for Quick Charge 4.0+. I get an initial charge of 2% every 60 seconds. The phone has power save and extreme power save modes, but I’ve never had to use them. Ever.

    As far as feel is concerned, I learned to appreciate quality over the years, and the U12 Plus feels like it was carved out of emerald and then polished. Very dense, refined, and jewel-like. That’s not to say it’s not tough. I fell on it HARD last week, and the impact left a phone-shaped bruise on my leg, but the phone was fine. We also own the iPhone 8 Plus and XS Max, and the U12 makes them feel like lower grade devices in comparison.

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  2. B!RD

    I have been an HTC fan since the launch of the EVO 4G when Sprint launched it’s ‘4G’ network aka WiMax. I have owned that, the EVO 3D, EVO 4G LTE, the Shift (for my wife), the M7, M8 (truly groundbreaking phone), M9 (nothing more to add there), the HTC 10 (again absolutely amazing), U11 (unfortunately many hours on the phone with HTC support), and finally the U12+ (real shame that the U11+ never made it Stateside).

    I must say that I finally feel the excitement, build quality, and look my phone is translucent blue that’s been missing since the 10. The Snapdragon 845 is blazingly fast, Super LCD is crisp vivid, and I’ve never found a better overlay than HTC’s Sense (wife has an S8+ and I’m lost trying to navigate through it). Bottom line is that this phone is superb and will go head to head with the S9+, Xperia, G7, whatever and come out on top.

    As far as HTC’s smartphone future is concerned after selling to Google, we’ll have to wait and see however if this is the pinnacle of their smartphone business then my hat’s off to them for going out with a big old bang!

    1. The included case is, for all intents and purposes garbage so do yourself a favor and buy an upgraded one. I am very partial to the Spigen Liquid Crystal which has an amazingly low price for the protection but almost any other case will do.

    2. This phone is so slippery that holding it or cradling it is like trying to run across a bowl full of vegetable oil and ball bearings so get a case or be extremely careful!

    Welcome back HTC and please do your best to stay in the smartphone business!


    Well here I am nearly 2.5 months later and my opinion has NOT changed. Even though the glass is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 as opposed to the latest Gorilla Glass 5, 3 is more scratch resistant than 5 while 5 is more shatterproof. I have yet (knock on wood) to find a single scratch on my screen and as stated before, mine sports the Spigen Liquid Crystal case. My phone lives in my pocket for most of the time and from what I’ve researched, the Gorilla Glass 3 truly is the reason that I’ve yet to find a scratch so for those of you who know how unsightly, annoying, and dissapointing a scratch can be on your screen…there was an engineering reason behind this choice as opposed to cost savings. I have also dropped it several times by mistake of course (usually getting out of the car and I forget that it’s on my lap) and thankfully there’s zero shattering of any kind and mind you that’s landing on concrete and asphalt. To sum it all up, I am just as pleased now as I was the day it arrived and my hat ???? continues to remain off to HTC for an excellent phone despite near dire financial straits. Rumors are beginning to surface of the U13/U13+ so here’s to hoping that they’re true and that a year or less from now I’ll be clutching one!

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  3. Cody Knipp

    Worked for 1 month, then completely shut off. Deamed not fixable. 3 mos later still trying to get MW electronics to make it right. And either refund me or at least replace my phone! (Which will probably never happen) ????????????

    Update-so mw electronics finally, 6 mos later, gave me a 50% refund and let me keep the phone. Which I then took the refund and sent the phone to HTC to get repaired and then used the refund to pay the repairs. So except a long wait and a lot of hassle they did sort of make it right. I now have the phone back and it works great….so far

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  4. JRDN

    The phone is a good phone except the glass. Glass scratched within 36 days of owning just by picking up off table. Called customer support and even though only 6 days after warranty they were not willing to help. They only would do repairs and don’t even cover the cost of sending in the phone. I have owned their phones for years and put through hell in the military and never had an issue, now new phone quality has gone down hill along with their support for customers. Probably why they don’t sell them anymore in the US and have to buy directly through website or amazon. Went through 3 customers support people and yet nothing was resolved and tried to blame me for phone issues. Will never be going through them ever again when this phone is done. They had great phones in the past but seems they don’t care about them or customers anymore.

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    HTC U12+ Factory Unlocked Phone – 6″ Screen – 64GB – Translucent Blue (U.S. Warranty)
    HTC U12+ Factory Unlocked Phone – 6″ Screen – 64GB – Translucent Blue (U.S. Warranty)


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