Self Balancing Scooter Review and Hoverboard Buying Guide

If you are an avid YouTube fan, you’ve probably come across videos of celebrities or regular people riding on what looks like the coolest thing you can ever ride on. Since its introduction to the market, the self balancing scooter has become the “in thing”, with celebrities such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber taking the lead. A look at the self balancing scooter reviews that have been made indicates that the popularity of these smart scooters has skyrocketed due to the convenience they bring.

If YouTube videos and Instagram photos are anything to go by, different people are buying it from right, left and centre (and falling from its front and back). In short, there’s a lot of hype going on, most of it good. If you have been bitten by the bug as well, it would be prudent to be familiar with this powerful piece of technology before you swipe your credit card. This self balancing scooter review will help you get acquainted with the most important aspects that you should know about.

How a Self Balancing Scooter Works?

Self Balancing Scooter Review

A self balancing scooter is basically a 2-wheeled, battery-powered electric scooter. It uses gyroscope technology to balance the user without the need for handlebars. It’s kept upright by gyroscopic sensors and an accelerator-based levelling sensor.

One of the obvious questions about this smart scooter is; how safe is it to ride on it? Well, if you’ve been watching related videos, you’ll see first-time riders wobbling around and some falling off at first. Truth be told – while it’s pretty easy to get used to, riding a self balancing scooter is safe when proper measures are taken and when common sense is exercised. This means that first-timers should go at a minimum speed and when riding on unfamiliar terrain.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Self Balancing Scooter

Besides keeping up with the latest trends, there are various other reasons why you need to buy a self balancing scooter. Here are some of the reasons:

It’s very convenient
This is a product that will make your trip to the grocery store a lot more fun than it used to be. It’s an ideal craft for going on small errands as it is apt for distances of 5 to 10 kilometres, and it can take a bit of extra load.

It’s economical
A self balancing scooter runs on batteries, which means that there will be no need to fill up a tank or store gas. A good scooter will come with batteries that have a long run time to give you a fully dependable ride.

It requires little maintenance
Most users are happy with the fact that these types of scooters do not require heavy maintenance. All you need to do is to check up on the batteries from time to time and everything else is pretty much-taken care of.

It’s lightweight
The self balancing scooter is designed in such a way that it’s not heavy or bulky. It features a light framework that allows you to easily carry it or ride on it.

It’s easy to navigate
Its lightweight nature also helps a lot in its navigation. To accelerate it, you’ll to do lean forward and to stop it you’ll need to lean back. Your leg movements will also help you move it sideways. You do not need a complex manual to know how to ride on this scooter.

It’s environmentally friendly
Since it doesn’t require any fuel, this scooter doesn’t produce harmful emissions. This makes it a very eco-friendly option for those who are considerate of the environment.


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How to Choose the Best Self Balancing Scooter?

The number one rule for first-time buyers is to never buy the first product they come across just because the price is pocket friendly. If you do not know some of the leading brands of self balancing scooters on the market, it would be prudent to take your time to know the types of features that you should be looking for. The following are the most crucial features to consider before making a purchase:

Run Time
Run time (sometimes referred to as range) is basically the number of hours or distance the scooter can run with just one charge. Different self-balancing scooters come with varying capacities of charging time. The general charging time in the majority of scooters is about two to three hours, which are expected to last between 10 to 15 miles. The run time depends on various factors, including speed and terrain.

It’s fairly standard that the maximum speed of a scooter is about 15 kilometres per hour or 9 to 10 miles per hour. There are some models that can reach speeds of up to 18-20 kilometres per hour. The speed will also be determined by certain factors such as terrain, incline and load weight, etc.

Weight Capacity
While most self balancing scooters will withstand high speeds, sudden stops and overcharging, they tend not to endure heavy weights for long periods of time. The majority of models can take 100 to 220 lbs. It’s imperative that you choose a model that will bear your weight plus the load you intend to carry it with.

A self balancing scooter that comes with a good warranty will be a safe bet. There are those models that come with up to 2 years of warranty. There are even better models that have a 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s good to check the warranty to ensure that the seller will be willing to replace the scooter should it fail to live up to your expectations.

Most people tend to consider this factor first, but if you’re interested enough to buy this product and have set money aside for that purpose, this is a factor that you should consider last. There’s no need of buying a cheap scooter only to realize that it’s faulty and that you might need a replacement a couple of months later. Alternatively, you might rush to buy a highly-priced scooting assuming that it has the best features, but later on, get disappointed. So, you can compare prices to find the one that suits your budget, but ensure that what you get is what you’re paying for.

A self balancing scooter can be a very good investment, especially when proper considerations are made before buying. Good thing is that there are different brands on the market that cater to the different needs of customers. This makes it easy for you to choose the one that suits you best. You can check self-balancing scooter reviews from other users to ensure that you get an idea of what models work best. This will help you make a very informed choice when your time for purchasing one comes.

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