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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

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Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $193.95.

Last updated on 11th June 2024 7:35 pm
  • Display: 6.2″ AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and 1300 nits brightness for vivid visuals and smooth scrolling.
  • Camera: Rear dual camera system with 64MP main and 12MP ultrawide lenses for stunning photos and videos.
  • Memory: 128GB internal storage and 8GB RAM for plenty of apps and files.
  • Connectivity: 5G capable with support for GSM, CDMA, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Battery: 4000mAh battery provides all-day power for your daily needs.

Specification: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

Product Dimensions

6 x 3 x 1 inches

Item Weight

6 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)




8 GB

Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies




Special features

Bluetooth Enabled, Expandable Memory, LTE, Wireless Charging, Water Resistant

Display technology


Other display features


Human Interface Input


Scanner Resolution

1080 x 2400

Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor



Battery Power Rating

4000 Milliamp Hours

Whats in the box

Adapter, USB Cable



Date First Available

February 1, 2021

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.2 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

8 GB

Battery Capacity

4000 Milliamp Hours


169 Grams

Charging Time

73 minutes

5 reviews for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

4.2 out of 5
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  1. X Jia

    I ordered it on Sept 20th at $339 plus shipping of ~$34 and Morocco VAT of ~$80, so totally I paid $449.

    Delivery was very good. I saw it was shipped on the 25th. On the 30th, I received an SMS from DHL saying they planned delivery on Oct. 3rd, but on the same day I got an email asking for copy of national ID and content description for clearing customs. I am not a Morocco residents nor citizen, so I sent my foreign passport instead. On the 3rd, Amazon tracking info said clearing custom was delayed as additional documents were needed. So I called DHL, and the rep said it would be delivered on the 4th instead. On the 4th, I saw a newly posted message about delay on Amazon tracking. I called DHL various times but couldn’t get to anyone. I then sent an inquiry by email and get a response shortly saying it was being taking care of. Then late afternoon, I got the package.

    Upon arriving, the seal of the packing had an opening large enough to put in a hand but not for getting the phone out, so I didn’t complain.

    Unpacked, the inner packing of the phone was in excellent condition, very much like the original packing but had no Samsung marking, rather, it had a marking of “amazonrenewed”. There was a film covering the screen, like on a new phone. The phone appeared in excellent condition, only had a small scratch at the back when I looked in detail, and a hair of scratch on the screen that is only visible under bright light and in a particular angle. I tried but couldn’t turn on the phone – there was no response. The box also included a USB-C cable and a cheap non-Samsung charger made in China. I used my own Samsung Charger to charge the phone. After plugged in, it showed the battery was at 0. So I let it charge to full.

    After started, it turned out fully unlocked. My Morocco sim card works with 4G. The phone’s software looked already reset, but I reset it myself anyhow. Then updated to the latest system with Android 12, and loaded many apps I need. During about the first week, the battery appeared quite poor. With medium usage it lasted about a day. I tried all necessary settings to conserve battery, but it didn’t seem to help much. These couple days, it becomes much better, lasting about 45 hours. I read it was likely due to some AI processes either from Android 12 or Samsung doing the learning work at first.  But it’s pretty bad the phone doesn’t show any info.

    I would say I am very happy with the phone. And this is after having a terrible experience in the past with Samsung.

    The last Samsung phone I had was S7 Edge bought in Thailand (I am a traveler), new at a Samsung store for perhaps ~$800. I actually wanted the normal S7 (without the “edge”), but it was out of stock then. I never liked the “edge”, it was a silly design in my mind. The phone worked well initially, but in the coming couple of years I had a terrible experience. About 5 months later when I was in Vietnam, the screen started to show shaded bands across. As I was wondering how or if I should return to Thailand to get the phone serviced, the bands disappeared after a month. Then about another 7 months later when I was in Azerbaijan, the phone couldn’t start after I did a system update. So I couldn’t use the phone for a couple weeks until I reached Tbilisi in Georgia  when I had someone flashed it.  About a year later, it died on me again when I was in Morocco. I had someone re-flashed it, but it was not successful.  About 1 month later I reached the city of Fes where there is a Samsung service center.  After checking, they said there was something wrong with the motherboard. Very shocking!  I’ve never had such problem in my life with all the phones and computers, cheap or dear, and this was a flagship!  So eventually, I sold it to a local repair shop for $200, for which they said they only needed the screen. That was end of 2017.

    So I never bought a Samsung again, and would definitely not buy one at the full price. I admit the S series is not worthless.  At least, I like the camera.  But I never had a chance to buy one at a largely reduced price (I won’t buy from just any second-hand sellers).

    So now, the Amazon reviewed phone with some warranty got me interested. Yes, I have some risk, but to me with the past experience, the risk is not much higher than getting a new phone from Samsung, plus, I am putting in a much lower bet now.

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  2. TheScoskopp

    Bought this in Aug 2023. It arrived in excellent condition. No scratches at all. Happy with the packaging. Now 10 months later, it works great. No battery issues and any other features issues

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  3. CellPhoneBuyer23

    El equipo llegó a tiempo y en buen estado, funciona excelente y esta libre para usar con cualquier compañía. Solo con algunos rayones en los lados pero nada que afecte su rendimiento.

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  4. Cheryl

    Yesterday the phone got accidentally ran over. We went to a few local cellphone stores who wanted way too much money for the phones they were selling. Went home, got on the internet and was searching all over and found this on Amazon. They delivered the phone this morning before we even got out of bed. Luckily, the SIM card was salvageable from the old phone that got ran over, so we just stuck it in the new phone that got delivered this morning and now everything is great again!!!

    The phone we received was in brand new condition, unlocked to our carrier, and works perfectly so far. If any changes in the next couple of days, I’ll update this review. It also came with a charger and charging cable and Sim tray opener.

    With having to work, 2 kids and everything else in life going on, i was able to get a much needed phone fast and easy and saving us $$$’s from buying new, from the comfort of my sofa at night while kids are in bed sleeping. I can’t be more satisfied!

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  5. TheScoskopp

    I paid for a “excellent” device though what said was synergy next to the “sold by” area which I always pay attention to as I deal with many sellers on the platform (Amazon). They ended up being very very helping in tracking down the seller as I always try to find a solution with them first before I call Amazon. So, moving forward, basically I received what would be at best, a fair to acceptable device . It has pits and grooves all along the bezels , a huge scratch on the back from the middle to the edge of the device. The screen was not great either , it came with a film type screen protector which I found strange as I purchase many devices and felt I should take it off to have a look and inspect. While the screen was not great it was also not working properly via the amoled screen/digitizer recognizing fingerprints or gestures at times , maybe it was just the optical fingerprint sensor malfunctioning , actually I believe it’s digital sensor on the s21 , regardless that’s nor here or there, the lint is , it didn’t work and was buggy when touching all around NOT due to the OS (updated it to android 13 UI 5.1 it came on 11) (operating system ) but the hardware. Not being updates is not big deal as I prefer the option so that was done right at least.

    However, I wish I had taken a picture of the back of the device as admittedly at this point I was disappointed and in the moment of “wth” moment because it took me 30 minutes to clean the device properly peel the stickers off and glue all over to truly inspect the device which I already knew it was going back as it’s not excellent and they will definitely get it back much cleaner than I received it but , again it device is beat up. They fact it wasnt even cleaned and had sticker residue all over the the device as well or some sort of glue, was the first big indicator. They did not replaces the battery as well and it was not refurbished, I work in IT and other areas of tech like OSINT , basically hardware and software areas , not only by Amazon’s standards but in general, it’s common knowledge and states when purchasing , a “excellent “ condition device should have 90% battery health or above , this device had 74% battery health below 80% is unacceptable even for the cheapest condition you can buy as you’ll need a battery replacement within the 1st 6 months most likely sooner .

    It gets worse as I contacted chubbiestech and got zero help or care for that matter , they said call Amazon it’s on them for the most part. I am making that short as ot was jet her a automated reply or a very I dont care approach on customer service. I also reached out a second time to make them aware that about the battery percent being at 74% for the next person as a professional courtesy to get a copy and pasted same response. So , very contradictory when if it’s sold by then and refurbed by them but are telling me it was handled by Amazon. I have the screenshots of the lack of concern or help and it’s just disappointing.

    As of now as I feel this brings up a issue that is indicative of the way things are now which is , the whole situation is a mess, as I made the return properly , bought insurance and did things accordingly , SO come to find out as of today the 18th of November, UPS has lost the package , Amazon can’t process my refund manually for another 2 weeks until the ticket expires , which is outrageous as this should not be on me , my responsibility is done in the matter, it’s was returned and I paid extra for insurance to make sure it’s safe, and I am eating the cost due to bad business practices on chubbieatech part as I am a small business myself, and I hate to say this but time is money , this will cost me in the end regardless of what happens , all due to not getting what I paid for from the start , I am in shock that in this day & age finding proper solutions and proper business practices has become so hard. If I would have gotten the excellent condition device that I had no problem paying for and they had no problem taking the money , I shouldn’t be without a device and up the creek as no one wants to step in and take accountability. I’m sorry , sellers like this that slip through the cracks and shouldn’t be in the platform, Amazon is not eBay. Now it’s my headache and it is very frustrating. PLEASE do yourself a favor and stay clear from this one because if your device is not not up to par, good luck as you will not get help , I’m a week in and I’m out of money spent and a device . I should also mention the charging port had a lip around the oval port indicating it’s been dropped , which is fine however replace the parts and check the device , make sure it works and indeed in excellent REFURBISHED condition. Nothing on this device was cleaned or fixed and was a poor device . I truly hope Amazon doesn’t sensor my review , which I have a feeling they will because this is the real life experiences that occur when you don’t get what you pay for and trust the Amazon name and sellers under them , and here I am with no device or refund of my money. It’s not ok , there is no A-Z guarantee here . Everyone has passed the buck. This is a HONEST review along with the consequences of poor business practices I think people should know about if you chose to buy from here and should not be censored.

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    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)
    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, US Version, 128GB, Phantom Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

    Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $193.95.

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